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European market leader in youth travel 🇬🇧

You have never heard of Juvigo and wonder if we are a serious company? We are! Juvigo is the European market leader in youth travel and brings together holiday camps, youth travel and language travel from hundreds of tour operators on its international platforms.

We strive for continuous growth and are always looking for young talents to start their career with us as young professionals, interns, dual students or apprentices.

Geschäftsführer Björn Viergutz

In the last years, Juvigo has been one of the fastest growing companies in the European travel sector. We have a unique company culture that combines the dynamics and spirit of a startup with the strong organizational structure and security of a well-established online travel agency.

Björn Viergutz, CEO and Founder of Juvigo

What our employees say about working at Juvigo

„I am responsible for the Dutch market which includes the Netherlands and Belgium. I contact potential partners and am responsible for the onboarding process of the camp organisers. Once we establish a partnership, I am also the point of contact for them. Besides that I provide the customer service for the Juvigo customers who have questions about the camps or want to book. It is very exciting at the moment being involved in the process of opening to new markets and building the international team.

Sam, International Product Manager

Sam Vereecken-Juvigo

„Juvigo is a great place to work and to learn. I have always been heard and given the chance to explore some of my interests within the company. The team is great and everyone is always willing to help, including me. I really believe in the work we do, so it would be amazing to see the company growing more and being able to help with that. Also want to see more international platforms and have a bigger and even more multicultural team.“

Francesco, Product Manager Spain

„The team is very welcoming and everyone works hand in hand in order for everything to go smoothly within the company. Everyone is really approachable and easy to talk to which is also extremely appreciable. I know that it is always possible to reach out for help if necessary. Regarding the international side of the company, I’d like for the French website to become at least as big as the German one is right now. As France is a huge market in Europe, I believe that, with some good work done, it can be achieved in the near future.“

Laurette, Product Manager France


„I have no doubt that Juvigo’s mission and values are the key success factor. The internationalization of Juvigo’s platforms will be a success, because of the company’s strategy but also thanks to all the team involved, that guarantees a quality service to our partners and customers. Juvigo gives me something I really need to thrive as a person and professionally, which is responsibility and autonomy to perform my duties in the best way possible – I can only give back hard work, dedication, be a team player and do my best for the company.“

Miguel, Product Manager Portugal

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Romie zieht als kreativer Kopf des Online-Magazins mit besonderem Geschick die Fäden, sobald es rund um PR und Marketing geht. Wenn sich Journalisten bei Juvigo melden, bildet sie die sympathisch-aufgeweckte Stimme hinter dem Team - und das aus erfahrener Überzeugung! Als Kind war Romie das ein oder andere Mal in den Reiterferien, ihr Herz gehört aber dennoch bis heute den Action-Camps, obwohl sie früher Neptunfeste als ihren Erzfeind auserkoren hatte. Stattdessen standen Nachtwanderungen und Schnipseljagden auf dem Lieblingsprogramm! Heute vertreibt sich Romie ihre Freizeit mit Nähen, Radfahren und dem Backen köstlicher Spezialitäten. Außerdem unternimmt sie viel mit Familie und Freunden.

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