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Your first day at Juvigo

If both sides say „yes“ to working together, you are probably already excited about your first day. And you won’t be the only one: All your new colleagues are excited to meet you! 

The first day at Juvigo is always the same: We will show you everything you need to know. Your working place will be ready – with a keyboard from your home country so you won’t have to adjust to a German keyboard. All the logins are prepared and you can get started! We will show you all the tools that you will be using and how to log in. Then we will answer other important questions: how do I track my working hours and how can I compensate overtime? What do I do when I’m sick? How long is my break and where can I get a coffee? 

You’re now set to start with your first tasks. For every task you will have a fixed contact person. They will show you how to do it and are always there to answer questions. In general you can always ask anyone in the team for help. The longer you work with us, the more independent you will get. 

What is most important to us is that you feel welcomed and that we are ready for you. Welcome to the Juvigo – Team! 

You would like to know one of our international employees? Meet Sam our International Product Manager.

Are you excited and want to become a part of our team? => See our international jobs

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Anyone who applies to Juvigo will definitely get in touch with Patricia. In the area of HR / Office Management she is responsible for all topics concerning our (future) employees. Starting with recruiting, personnel management and employer branding up to office management, everything is represented in Patricia's area of responsibility. Like all our employees, Patricia can identify with the topic of children and youth travel. During a youth trip together with her best friend, Patricia explored London and even met the royal family - even if only in the wax museum ;).
You want to become a part of our Juvigo team? Patricia is looking forward to your application!

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